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snap install microk8s_v1.10.3_amd64.snap --classic --dangerous
## Who's Using MicroK8s
Check out the "[MicroK8s In The Wild](docs/community.md)" page to see some interesting use cases.
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# MicroK8s In The Wild
Welcome to the MicroK8s In The Wild page. Here you can find events, tutorials, blog posts and talks on MicroK8s.
Feel free to update the table below by submitting a Pull Request.
| Event/Mention | Author(s) | Source | Date |
| [Single-User Production on Microk8s](https://transcrob.es/post/single-user-prod-microk8s/)| Anton Melser | transcrob.es | 05-Feb-2019 |
| [SUSE Cloud Application Platform (CAP) on Microk8s](https://dimitris.karakasilis.me/2019/01/27/scf-on-microk8s.html)| Dimitris Karakasilis | dimitris.karakasilis.me | 27-Jan-2019 |
| [Files upload from Kubeless on MicroK8s to Minio](https://itnext.io/files-upload-from-kubeless-on-microk8s-to-minio-607e06598a4b) | Rafał bluszcz Zawadzki | itnext.io | 07-Jan-2019 |
| [Serverless MicroK8s Kubernetes](https://medium.com/@bluszcz/serverless-microk8s-kubernetes-fcd6b875cd33) | Rafał bluszcz Zawadzki | medium.com | 06-Jan-2019 |
| [Deploy OpenFaaS with MicroK8s](https://johnmccabe.net/technology/projects/openfaas-on-microk8s/) | John McCabe | johnmccabe.net | 01-Jan-2019 |
| [Getting started with Kubeflow (machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes) via Microk8s and Multipass](https://github.com/leigh-johnson/kubeflow-microk8s-demo) | Leigh Johnson | github.com | 20-Nov-2018 |
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